During Your Visit

We can accept cash or card…there is no minimum amount to use card.

Unfortunately no…we are regulated by the council for food safety. We have hot/cold drinks and crisps/chocolate to buy (at a very reasonable price!). Also, if you are having a celebration, we can arrnage for party food (pizza, sandwiches, etc.)…get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you are after.

Yes…there is a toilet on the same floor as us…just a few steps from our arcade.

We will meet you by the entrance from the car park. Please wait in the entrance foyer until we arrive.

Plan Your Visit

Unfortunatly not…there is a lift in the building, but it doesn’t come to our floor! We are on the first floor, so there is a flight of stairs that you will need to walk up.

Category: Plan Your Visit

Yup…we have plenty of room in the car park.

Category: Plan Your Visit

We normally open weekends…but we can open during the week. You will need to contact us through Facebook, email or call to arrange.

Category: Plan Your Visit

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