Our Story

What are our options to spend time with our 12 year old daughter!?

Soft play centres, cinema, bowling and walking our two dogs became the same activity each week, what else could we do. Nothing! 

But, if we were struggling for something to do, maybe others will be too?

The answer to that question is what became theGridVR…..


….so with a lot of testing, and a lot of cables…

…and a little bit of “market research”!

…we found some space…

…and with some imagination, creativity…and lots of paint!

…we suited up!

…and welcomed our first customer.

Family is the most important thing for us at theGridVR, therefore we have created a private gaming lounge so that you, your family and friends can visit and do something different…together.

The best thing is that theGridVR caters to all ages and gaming capabilities, with photos, videos and memories being made with each visit.

So come join us for an out of this world experience.